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Premium QR Rifle Sling (Brown Leather and Loden)

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Loden is a thick, water-resistant wool material with a short pile, first produced by Tyrolean farmers in Austria. The fabric is derived from the coarse, oily wool of mountain sheep and has a traditional bluish-green, brown or grey color. The name is derived from Middle High German 'lode', meaning 'coarse cloth'.

To produce Loden fabric, strong yarns are woven loosely into cloth which then undergoes a lengthy process of shrinking, eventually acquiring the texture of felt and becoming very dense.  Loden is water and weather resistant, and is resistant to fading.  It’s also silent and has a beautiful classic look.

The Vero Vellini Loden rifle sling has a classic brown color, with hand sewn leather trim around all of the edges.  The sling is 2.25" (57mm) wide in the center.  The length adjusts from 37.5" (950mm) to a maximum length of 50.5" (1280mm).  The strap width at each end of the sling is 20mm so it will fit onto 20mm European swivels or 1" American swivels.   The sling features a patented clasp closure system that looks clean and is very secure.

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