About Us – Vero Vellini Gun Slings & Straps

About Us


At Vero Vellini, we take a lot of pride in crafting the world finest slings and straps for your guns and gear. We demand nothing but the best materials and components for our products. Vero Vellini slings and straps are still assembled today the same way we started almost 30 years ago, with pride, attention to detail and utmost dedication to you, who uses our products tirelessly in the field. We know that you’ll enjoy this sling or strap for a lifetime.

Our Goal:  To develop and offer the most comfortable gun sling that will absolutely stay put on your shoulder, in all climates and temperatures. At the same time, we wanted give superior durability and an exceptionally clean design with beautifully detailed styling. We have researched and developed several flexible materials that are constructed of tiny, closed-cell air cushions and layered these fibers with a very dense neoprene sandwiched together create the ultimate in balance, comfort, flexibility and dampening. Our three-layer Air-Cushion® system which sandwiches neoprene and other natural and synthetic materials to create an almost weightless feeling when carrying a firearm and will also prevent your rifle from bobbing or bouncing excessively. We applied the same process and technical expertise to binocular and camera straps, Vero Vellini straps are undoubtedly the finest you’ll ever see on any optics or camera.

For over two decades Vero Vellini has been crafting these beautifully detailed, handcrafted, and highly durable slings. All materials used in Vero Vellini products are UV light resistant, weather and temperature proof and engineered to survive the toughest hunting conditions. We use only the highest quality premium grade leather throughout the entire Vero Vellini product line, double stitch all attachment points, and piping of the edging gives you the look and feel of unparalleled luxury. In short, a gun sling that works for you and looks great on your rifle or shotgun.

Our Promise: If you are not satisfied with any Vero Vellini product for any reason, you  may return it for a full refund within 30 days from purchase date.  We guarantee all of our products against manufacturing defects for a year after purchase:  If your sling, strap or other item is defective please return it to us for a replacement.   We are not satisfied unless you are!