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Automatic Retractable Rifle Sling

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The Vero Vellini® Automatic Retractable Sling features a revolutionary new design that stops rifle bounce while walking and eliminates the excess sling or loop.  The patented automatic retraction system instantly retracts whenever the sling is not in the shoulder carrying position so you never have to worry about a loose sling spoiling your shot. Constructed of premium leather, Air Cushion® neoprene and nylon components for a lifetime of use.

Automatic Retractable Rifle Sling Features:

  • The sling is always taught, whether you are carrying your rifle, keeping it in a tree stand, raised blind or safe and when shooting
  • With a single tug on the 20mm attachment strap, you can tighten the sling manually
  • The sling retracts whenever it is not in the carrying position
  • The Automatic Sling features all the comfort and convenience that Vero Vellini is famous for; non-slip backing and a soft, padded Air Cushion comfort
  • Its attractive Forest Green Color with brown leather trim panels pairs well with rifles of all styles

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